Sign up and fill out your profile with car info and pictures. Then we’ll create your Speacar page and your device will start broadcasting in about a day.

Step 1 | Register

Setting up your Speaker is super easy.  We just need the info about your car and some pictures to show it off to the world.  The first step is creating an account with us.  Just go to our home page and fill out the registration information.  You will need to choose a username, a name for your car and decide on a password.  Click Register after completing the form. Then you will receive an email to verify that you are actually a person. Click the link in that email and your account will be activated.  ***Important: If you do not see the email in your inbox please check your spam folder***

Step 2 | Send Us Your Code

After verifying your account with the email, you will be promted to log in. You can always log in from the home page by clicking ‘MEMBER LOGIN’ (screenshot)

After logging in you will be taken to your account activity page. There you will see a set of tabs for your account, click on ‘PROFILE’ (screenshot)

Then click edit (screenshot)

Now enter the four digit Speaker Transmitter code located on the back or your device (screenshot) then click ‘save changes’ ***Make sure to click ‘save changes’ on each tab before moving on to the next one***

Step 3 | Fill out Car Info/Pics

After logging back in you will be taken back to your profile page. Again, click the “PROFILE” tab and then click on “EDIT” (screenshot)

Your Specar Transmitter is connected to your Speacar Social Media Page. And these tabs are were it gets the information for your page. So the information and pictures that you place here is what will show up on your page. (screenshot)

Start with the “CAR PROFILE” tab and fill out the information. If it says “REQUIRED” next to the field you must fill it out to continue. Other fields are optional, but remember, the more info and more details you use the better experience your visitors will have. So more is better. (screenshot)

At the bottom of some of the tabs you will see a section to upload pictures. This is what makes Speacar great and it’s easy to do. Just click on the “SELECT YOUR FILES” button and choose the appropriate pictures to place on your page. In the ‘car profile’ tab you will want to put the best pictures of your entire car. These are the first pictures your visitors will see. In the ‘engine’ section you will want to put pictures of your engine, tire section your tires and interior section you would put pictures of the interior of your car. You can upload picture from your computer, and to make it easy you can log in from your smartphone or tablet and then take and upload pictures directly from your phone. Pretty cool, huh?

And if you want to delete or change pictures, that’s easy too. Just hover over the picture as your editing and click on the “DELETE” button. (on cellphones you would click on the picture first and do it from the pop up window) (see screenshot)

IMPORTANT!!! Remember you always click save before moving on to the next tab, otherwise you will have to reload the information that you just put in. (see screenshot)

And that’s it! Now move on to the next tab and do the same thing until all tabs are completed. The tabs that require pictures are ‘car profile’, ‘engine’, ‘tires/wheels’ and ‘interior’. You can do this with your phone or upload more professional pictures with your computer. After all tabs have been completed and pictures are uploaded, then your Speacar Transmitter will have the information it needs to broadcast all the great details about your car you everyone that wants to see. (see screenshot)

NOTE: The last tab is named “VIDEO”. This is in Beta right now and may not work with all video formats. But we have already enabled smartphone uploads. You can upload short videos from your smartphone with this tab (short meaning under a minute) This is a great way to let visitors hear what your car sounds like, or see it in action… legally of course LOL. Keep in mind we are still working on this feature and that video files are much larger than pictures. So when uploading videos, make sure to keep them short and make sure you are connected to a wi-fi signal for best results. (see screenshot)

Now, you probably want to see what the page looks like, right? That’s easy. Just open up your notifications on your cellphone and use the Speacar Transmitter, or your can click the “MY SPEACAR” button located on your profile page. We are so glad to have you on the Speacar team and hope you enjoy your new website page with Speacar.


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