Does this device require an internet connection?

No. The Speacar Transmitter is not able to connect to the internet in any way. It only transmits a signal that can be recognized by cellphones and tablets.


What is the range of distance with the Speacar?

The Speacar has a range of about 25 meters (82 feet) when placed in your cars glovebox.


Can I upload pictures with a smartphone?



Can I upload video with a smartphone?

Yes, but it is only recommended over wi-fi. Keep in mind video files are very large, especially HD video. So when using your phone to upload video it is best to establish a wi-fi connection.


I have more than one car, can I use this for all of them?

No, it will only broadcast one car per device.


I have more than one car, can I have multiple cars on the profile?

Not at this time. We are developing an update for version 2 that will enable you to have more than one car on each profile account. But at this time you can only have one car per username.


I bought a new car, can I reassign the Speacar to the new car?

Yes. Just replace your profile details and pictures with the new cars info and place the Speacar in the new car.


I want to make additional changes to the webpage design, how?

Our web designers can make adjustments and special customizations for your page for an additional fee. The fee depends on what you want to do. Just contact us and we can give you a quote.


Can I customize my URL (web address)?

Yes. That would fall under customizations and require an additional fee at this time. For now you will need to contact us for that request. We are working on an automated means to do this for version 2.


I lost my Speacar, how do I replace it?

There is a 50.00 replacement fee to replace your Speacar. You can order replacements through the shopping page.


I have a retail store and would like to offer Speacar for my customers, how?

Just contact us for information on our retail program and bulk orders.


How is it powered?

Speacar uses the common CR 2032 watch battery and is easy to replace. The battery life averages about 6 months when constantly powered.


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